Suicidality and mental health: a psychosocial lens

We live in a society where suicide is becoming increasingly common. The 10th of September was World Suicide Prevention Day which is a day aimed at promoting the worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicide. SADAG reports that there are 23 known cases of suicide in South Africa per day, and for every person thatContinue reading “Suicidality and mental health: a psychosocial lens”

When only a piece of paper might let you see me…. and even then you may decide that’s not good enough

The influx of displaced people the world over has increased in recent years, with more than 68.5 million displaced people globally and more than a million nationally (UNHCR Report 2017). Of course this number doesn’t capture the true reality of people on the ground as many displaced people are undocumented and so may not beContinue reading “When only a piece of paper might let you see me…. and even then you may decide that’s not good enough”

Grief: It’s a journey

Loss is a part of everyone’s life. It comes in different forms, such as, the passing on of a loved one, repossession of our material belongings, loss of status or relationships ending. How do these losses impact on us? How does the taking away of things we hold dear, things that function as extensions ofContinue reading “Grief: It’s a journey”

A Community Awaken

As a community practitioner working within previously disadvantaged communities and with vulnerable individuals, I reflect on the current status of the political arena in South Africa and the dependence on political leaders to heal us as a nation. And I wonder if we have forgotten our own power as people, as communities, as families. IContinue reading “A Community Awaken”

Sitting with the wonderful and the tragic within us

‘Strike the women and you strike the rock’-I recall hearing these words as a young girl when I accompanied my mother at marches against women abuse in the 90’s. I think back to those days surrounded by social workers chanting ‘strike the women and you strike the rock’, wondering what the statement meant and wonderingContinue reading “Sitting with the wonderful and the tragic within us”