The Imposter Syndrome Experience of a Newly Qualified Social Worker

Imposter Syndrome (IS)…many of us have probably experienced it, either consciously or unconsciously and some of us probably did not even know that what we felt was a real experience, it exists and can be felt. The Imposter Syndrome refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceiveContinue reading “The Imposter Syndrome Experience of a Newly Qualified Social Worker”

Don’t call me a ‘women’

….. if it means you think I’m weak, a sexual object or your punching bag Violence against women continues to increase and the acts of violence continue to shock readers on media reports. Dare we say, the violence has become more brutal. Violence against women has been recognised as an international public health and humanContinue reading “Don’t call me a ‘women’”

What Comforts us during this time?

Last year, when Covid-19 started making waves in the news, it was so far away from me and I was even arrogant enough to think it was not going to affect me. The day it reached South Africa I was out of the country, when I came back I had to be isolated and allContinue reading “What Comforts us during this time?”

Level 5, level 4, level 3….an introjective exploration of our COVID19 journey thus far

Approaching 23:59 on 31st December 2019 (CAT, GMT, UTC, etc.), millions of people were waiting in anticipation of a new year. With resolutions in tow and hopes for a fruitful year, to many the start of a new calendar year is symbolic of the start of a new journey. While China’s medical personnel had identifiedContinue reading “Level 5, level 4, level 3….an introjective exploration of our COVID19 journey thus far”

Back to school-back to reality (A COVID19 reality)

Today I attended an online webinar titled: Getting children back to school safely. Taking into account my own and other parents anxieties around whether or not to send children back to school, this was a very useful webinar, which answered many of my concerns. The webinar had a panel of experts who have done extensiveContinue reading “Back to school-back to reality (A COVID19 reality)”