Linking psychosocial support with transitional justice processes

Speakers giving keynote addresses at the transitional justice workshop in Conakry, Guinea On 8 May, the Centre for the Study of  Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR )’s Trauma Clinic co-facilitated a transitional justice workshop on atrocity prevention. This was done in partnership with the International Coalition for Sites of Consciousness (ICSC) in Conakry, Guinea. This went towards our goalContinue reading “Linking psychosocial support with transitional justice processes”

Transcending the wounds of the past: A nation’s journey to healing

The team recently attended a research seminar at Freedom Park in Pretoria on March 31, 2017 which focused on the impact of transgenerational trauma in South Africa. The seminar highlighted work done by Prof. Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela; Prof. Sharlene Swartz; Dr Shanaaz Hoosain; and Prof Maurice Apprey. These presentations reflected a need for us as individuals,Continue reading “Transcending the wounds of the past: A nation’s journey to healing”