Dreading my 18th birthday: the plight of refugee children in detention centers

The CSVR Trauma Clinic presented two oral presentations at the 10th annual International Society for Health and Human Rights conference held in Novi Sad, Serbia from the 26-29 September 2017. While the two oral presentations were well received, I would like to focus on one of the interesting learnings from that event: The treatment ofContinue reading “Dreading my 18th birthday: the plight of refugee children in detention centers”

Can a white person practice/embody African psychology?

As a young white female what do you have to offer as a community based psychologist? Now those might not have been the exact words but it is the essence of what I heard. Prior to that the question, an awareness of my race had always only been at the periphery of my consciousness. DuringContinue reading “Can a white person practice/embody African psychology?”

Winter Interns 2017: Denver students reflections on time spent interning at CSVR

Studying International Disaster Psychology at a university in the States, we had the opportunity to complete an internship abroad with the Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR). Other students in our university program traveled to various areas of the world and part of our preparatory work included researching and learning of ourContinue reading “Winter Interns 2017: Denver students reflections on time spent interning at CSVR”

Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT)

In various research the claim has been that across treatment modalities one of the strongest predictors of a successful therapeutic outcome is the therapeutic alliance. Although some therapists develop a sense of what their alliance is with a client, it can be something challenging to speak about and measure during the therapeutic process. Studies doneContinue reading “Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT)”

Who is the keeper of the keeper?

  Written by Thembisile Masondo in collaboration with Sumaiya Mohamed  On the 9th of June the Psychosocial Forum hosted the first Service Provider Dialogue Meeting/Indaba, and I was asked to write a reflection on the event. I explained that I found it hard to write on the subject because in all honesty I didn’t knowContinue reading “Who is the keeper of the keeper?”