A Community Awaken

As a community practitioner working within previously disadvantaged communities and with vulnerable individuals, I reflect on the current status of the political arena in South Africa and the dependence on political leaders to heal us as a nation. And I wonder if we have forgotten our own power as people, as communities, as families.

I have been working in communities for the past 10 years in CSVR and have experienced a lot of love, laughter, heartache and tears but overall a lot of urge for change and togetherness, operating from a place of resilience.

I have been witness to the untold stories, some traumatising and some healing and this has inspired me to write the following poem: ‘A Community Awaken’, which I share with you below.

This poem touches on the idea of a rainbow nation Nelson Mandela once envisioned. Even though a lot of communities have not healed or received the help to heal from the apartheid era, they are still hopeful and working together for a means to healing.  As a community practitioner I don’t often engage in academic forms of writing, and thus I saw this space fit to at least try and capture the untold stories.

Life in South African communities have untold stories, powerful stories of resilience and perseverance, that we could look to, to find our power to create the change we want to see in years to come…

A Community Awaken

Give me  back my yesterday, I am today,

Standing still in the dusty areas of Mzansi!

Fighting for my freedom,

In the 9 Provinces!

Wakeup – Wakeup.

I am priceless, I might not look pretty

But I give life to the lifeless, hopeless and the forgotten

Looking at you from afar feels like I’m miles away from You!

Wakeup – Wakeup.

Mothers, Fathers, Children; South Africans and Non-Nationals

Together we celebrate your breath

The Spirit of living and walking in the noisy street

I enjoy the enchantment of Ubuntu, Laughter and Love

A CommUnity Awaken!

Wakeup – Wakeup.

Sorrow and Tears may come but they don’t stay forever

Service Protest, Killings are part of the daily living

But I don’t get discourage by these trivial events

We will heal in Time!

Wakeup – Wakeup.

The outcome of having life and joy,

Celebrations and ululations is the order of our days

I have drunk all your passion, devotion and Living unity

Move outside the tangle of Fear-thinking!

            Wakeup – Wakeup.

You who has produced lots of teachers

Doctors, nurses, community practitioners and lots of professions

You Making a Difference: Engage – Inspire – Empower!

        CommUnity Awaken…!

By Tsamme Mfundisi

Published by CSVR Trauma Clinic

This blog represents thoughts of therapist working within the CSVR Trauma Clinic. The focus is on understanding the drivers and impact of violence on individuals, families and communities to work towards violence prevention and the building of peaceful societies

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